Paradox Agency

From Europe to Asia

A pool of specific skills transcending boundaries

The world is changing, there is no more borders and we are evolving with it.
Our agency anticipated those changes. Today’s world needs multilateral talents able to operate
cross channel among different cultures. From France to Cambodia, we have imported our expertise,
our creativity and our project methodology. On each side of the globe, our experts ensure a true culture of results and performance and a fair optimization of costs, processes and resources.

The founder’s note

Meeting with performance

Cambodia recorded exceptional economical growth, estimated around 7% for 2017 and 2018.
This unique dynamism has motivated the creation of Paradox Agency in Asia.
Thanks to the convergence of our various businesses, expertise and experience, our global offer brings a real visibility to our customer’s brand, offer, and know-how ... Striving to define targeted solutions responding efficiently to complex and strategic issues, engaging audiences across different communication channels and strong messages, we help companies to seize new market opportunities and stand out vs. the competition.

Christophe FICHEROULLE, Founder

Christophe Ficheroulle